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APRIL 2017

MAY 2017

HCA uses PowerLunch for hot lunches. Parents may make deposits (in any dollar amount) into separate lunch accounts for each of their children, and their account will only be charged if their child takes a lunch. Each student's account balance may be accessed through PowerSchool.
Please write your child's name and the words "Lunch" on a separate check to ensure that the deposit is entered into the correct account. Hot lunch payments for more than one child can be included on a single check. It is important that parents make deposits in a timely manner and monitor each child's lunch account balance in "PowerSchool".
The cost per lunch is $4.00 for students' grades 1-12, and $3.50 for Preschool-Kindergarten students. White and chocolate milk will be sold daily for 50¢ a carton. Students who purchase hot lunch or bring lunch from home, will be able to have their milk purchases scanned by the lunch cashier.
Alternate Sandwich of the Week
*Students may choose the Alternate Sandwich of the Week instead of the main dish that is offered on any particular day. The Alternate Sandwich of the Week is a basic sandwich; however it will provide a more nutritious alternative to a jelly sandwich. Jelly sandwiches will still be offered. 
Main Dish Salad
Salads are available first come, first serve. Any salads not sold will carry over for one day, so you may have the option of having the salad from the previous day's menu when available. 
Second Entrée and After School Snacks
Punch cards are available for purchase through Heavenly Hosts Catering, our lunch service provider. These punch cards allow students to purchase a second entree without the need to have cash or go through their PowerLunch account. Punch cards may also be used to purchase snacks after school. Punch Cards cost $20.00. All payments for Punch Cards should be made directly to Heavenly Hosts. Payments for regular hot lunches should still be made to HCA.
Punch cards are $20 – with 20 – $1 dollar punches
2nd Main Dish = 2 punches
Large Sandwich = 3 punches
Small Sandwich = 2 punches
Small Salad = 2 punches
Large main dish salad = 3 punches
Veggies w/dip = 2 punches
Chips w/hummus = 2 punches
Frozen Fruit Smoothie =  2 punches
Frozen Fruit Protein Smootie = 3 punches
If you have any questions about the HCA lunch program, please contact Mrs. Julie Hirte at 763-463-2225 or email at