2017-2018 Staff Profiles


The WAY Committee would like to help our HCA families bless our wonderful staff throughout the year for their great service to our school and students. The following profiles are here to help you when and if you are looking for a little way to bless our staff during birthdays, holidays, etc. This list in no way implies that our staff expect anything from our families.

Updated 1/1/18

Name:  Darla Behrens   Birthday: 7/15
Fast Food Restaurant: Panera, Leann Chins
Fine Dining Restaurant: Applebees, Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Hawaiian
Dessert: Special K Bars, Blonde Brownies, Rice Krispy Bars, Monster Cookies
Candy: Red Vines, 100 Grand bars
Beverage: Diet Coke, Fresca
Type of Book/Author: Christian Fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian Contemporary
Hobbies/Special Interests: Swimming
Indulgence: Reading when I have the time
Gift Certificate: CJ Banks, Target, JCPenney, Herbergers, Kohls

Name: Gwen Berge   Birthday: 8/4
Fast Food Restaurant: Solos, Brueggers
Fine Dining Restaurant: Olive Garden/Redstone
Kind of Pizza: All
Dessert: Nuts
Candy: Chocolate
Beverage: Naked Juice, Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Biography, Historical Fiction
Type of Music: Classical, Contemporary Christian, Broadway
Hobbies/Special Interests: Theater/sporting events
Indulgence: Tea, Coffee
Gift Certificate: Restaurant/REI

Name: Joanne Burton   Birthday: 8/2
Fast Food Restaurant: Solos Pizza or Subway
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggis or Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Hawaiian
Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake
Candy: Dark chocolate
Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Book/Author: Anything by Max Lucado
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Classical guitar, or anything by James Taylor
Hobbies/Special Interests: Gardening, singing, walking
Indulgence: Massages, pedicures
Gift Certificate: Christopher and Banks, or Kohls

Name: Dan Campion   Birthday: 11/1
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Original Pancake House, St. Petersburg (Robbinsdale)
Kind of Pizza: Jets
Dessert: Cheesecake, 7-Layer Bars, Special K Bars
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Beverage: Root Beer Float
Type of Book/Author: Christian Topics, John MacArthur, RC Sproul, Alistair Begg; mysteries
Type of Music/Artist/Group
(What CDs Do I Listen To) Sermons by John MacArthur, RC Sproul, James MacDonald, Alistair Begg, Colin Smith
Hobbies/Special Interests: Reading, biking, camping
Indulgence: Lasagna
Gift Certificate: Cub Foods

Name: Nate Conroy   Birthday: 4/22
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Fogo De Chao
Kind of Pizza: Anything with meat
Dessert: Cheese Cake, Brownies
Candy: Dark Chocolate, Reeses
Beverage: Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Thought Provoking, Ted Dekker, Dan Brown
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Lecrea, Tenth Ave North, For King and Country
Hobbies/Special Interests: Running, Basketball, Any Sport, Packers, Badgers, Jayhawks
Indulgence: Watching Sports
Gift Certificate: Restaurants/Movies

Name: Lori Crellin   Birthday: 7/4
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Culvers
Fine Dining Restaurant: Manny’s Steakhouse, Pittsburgh Blue
Kind of Pizza: Sausage or Deluxe
Dessert: Special K Bars, Brownies with Ice Cream
Candy: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut M&M’s or Hersheys with Almond
Beverage: Sonic Cherry Limeade or Chick-Fil-A Lemonade, Dunn Bros. Coffee with Cream, Water (I can’t believe I gave up Pop!)
Type of Book/Author: Christian
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Gaither Vocal Band or Contemporary Christian
Hobbies/Special Interest: Golf, Basketball, Softball, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Drawing, Going on Road Trips
Indulgence: Finding great deals at TJ Maxx or Marshalls
Gift Certificate: Costco, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Name: Leslie Cryer   Birthday: 12/15
Fast Food Restaurant:
Fine Dining Restaurant:
Kind of Pizza:
Type of Book/Author:
Type of Music/Artist/Group:
Hobbies/Special Interest:
Gift Certificate:
Name: Cindy Dreblow   Birthday: 1/17
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Solos
Fine Dining Restaurant: P.F. Chang, Any Steakhouse
Kind of Pizza: Veggie
Dessert: Chocolate Molten Cake
Candy: Snickers
Beverage: Coke, Coffee (hot or cold)
Type of Book/Author: Fiction – Anything really, I love to read
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Most anything but Country
Hobbies/Special Interests: Ceramics, painting, photography, cooking, water sports
Indulgence: Shoes, Purses, Jewelry, Perfume (Clinique Happy)!
Gift Certificate: Any

Name: Connie Elert   Birthday: 12/14
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle or Grabbagreen
Fine Dining Restaurant: Chili’s
Kind of Pizza: Gluten Free – hard to find
Dessert: Gluten free only
Candy: Mike and Ike’s
Beverage: Vanilla Latte
Type of Book/Author: Classics
Type of Music/Artist/Group:
Hobbies/Special Interests: Quilting, road trips
Indulgence: Coffee
Gift Certificate: Starbuck’s/Caribou, Kohl’s, Hy-Vee, Whole Foods

Name: Jim Farrant   Birthday: 7/2
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Culvers
Kind of Pizza: Punches
Dessert: Pecan Pie
Candy: No Preference
Beverage: Coffee (Dark Roast), Root Beer
Type of Book/Author: Biographies, historical/historical fiction, social issues
Type of Music/Artist/Group: All Kinds
Hobbies/Special Interests: Canoeing, outdoors
Gift Certificate: The Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, Coffee Shops

Name: Edith Ford   Birthday: 11/3
Fast Food Restaurant: Noodles, Baja Sol
Fine Dining Restaurant: Anything
Kind of Pizza: Veggie
Dessert: Avoids Treats
Candy: Avoids Treats
Beverage: Juices-any kind
Type of Book/Author: Non-Fiction-Not anything specific
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Casting Crowns, Anything on KTIS
Hobbies/Special Interests: Bicycling, Clogging/Dancing
Indulgence: Massage
Gift Certificate: Target, Trader Joes

Name: Philip Freeberg   Birthday: 12/26
Fast Food Restaurant: Subway
Fine Dining Restaurant: Any
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni
Dessert: Ice Cream
Candy: Tootsie Pops
Beverage: Root Beer, Orange
Type of Book/Author: Classic Continental Literature
Type of Music/Artist/Group: No Favorite
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: Sushi
Gift Certificate: Wal-Mart

Name: Linda Gabrielson   Birthday: 4/13
Fast Food: Subway, Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Red Lobster or anywhere quiet (not spicy food)
Kind of Pizza: Hawaiian pizza. Especially Papa Murphy’s or Jet’s (sesame crust, but no bacon)
Dessert: Grasshopper cookies; frozen yogurt; or Breyers’ mint chocolate chip ice cream
Candy: Dark Chocolate, especially with raspberry or peanut butter
Beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper, dark hot chocolate, apple cider
Type of Book/Author: Almost any recent Christian book
Type of Music/Artist/ Group: Tenth Avenue North, Contemporary Christian
Hobbies/Special Interests: Musicals, photo albums (Creative Memories)
Indulgence: Massage, pedicures, flowers
Gift Certificate: JC Penny’s, Schuler Shoes, Pier I

Name: Wendy Gamble   Birthday: 5/21
Fast Food Restaurant: The Deli at Lunds, Byerlys or Whole Foods
Fine Dining Restaurant: Sparks in Mpls, Miltons in Crystal
Kind of Pizza: Hawaiian with Jalapenos
Dessert: Any Warm Berry Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
Candy: ANY Movie Box Candy but especially Bottlecaps
Beverage: Pellegrino
Type of Book/Author: Classics, Historical Fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Indie Local Music, Gypsy Jazz, Classical Guitar
Hobbies/Special Interest: Concerts/LIVE Local Music, Cycling, Flower Gardening/Landscaping
Indulgence: Bachmans for Flower Pots/Perennial Gardens, Pedicures, Facials, An afternoon Latte, A walk through Home Goods
Gift Certificate: Specialty Coffee, Target, Garden or Home Improvement Stores, Home Goods

Name: Heidi Gardner   Birthday: 11/4
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Punch Pizza, Crisp and Green
Fine Dining Restaurant: Rojo, Pizza Luce
Kind of Pizza: Veggie
Dessert: Lemon Bars
Candy: York Peppermint Patties, Good N Plenty
Beverage: Coffee, Izzi
Type of Book/Author: Historical Fiction, Personal/Spiritual Growth
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Contemporary Christian, NeedtoBreathe, Tenth Ave N
Hobbies/Special Interests: Cooking/Baking, Reading, Puzzles, Board Games, Traveling
Indulgence: Time with friends, theatre, shopping
Gift Certificate: TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Target, Caribou

Name: Janaya Gurewitz   Birthday: 5/17
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Panera, Brueggers
Fine Dining Restaurant: Rainforest Cafe, P.F. Chang’s
Kind of Pizza: Any kind of flat bread or thin crust pizza!
Dessert: Frozen Yogurt, Cookie Dough, chocolate covered bananas
Candy: Dark Chocolate, skittles
Beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper, almond milk latte
Type of Book/Author: Spiritual/Personal growth books
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Needtobreathe, Hillsong, worship, Ben Rector, Dave Barnes
Hobbies/Special Interest: Soccer, art
Indulgence: Shopping/Clothes
Gift Certificate: Target, Marshall’s, Caribou

Name:  Dan Hardman   Birthday: 5/2
Fast Food Restaurant: Jamba Juice, Pieology
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s
Kind of Pizza: Canadian Bacon, Double Mushroom, Double Red Onions, Double Black Olives, Spinach (Yes, that is one pizza)
Dessert: Chocolate Chip cookies, ice cream, cheesecake
Candy: Chocolate Covered Macadamia nuts
Beverage: Water, Lite Arnie Palmers, Ice Black Raspberry, Decaf vanilla latte
Type of Book/Author: historical fiction or non-fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Switchfoot, Matt Maher, Blanca, Skillet, Fireflight, Lacrea, Mat Kearney, DC Talk
Hobbies/Special Interests: Cycling (both road and mountain), Fused Glass, playing piano
Indulgence: Getting away
Gift Certificate: Caribou, Jamba Juice, Teavanna, Amazon

Name: Julie Herman   Birthday: 9/24
Fast Food Restaurant: Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s, Gianni’s, Jax Café
Kind of Pizza: Margherita at Solos or Punch
Dessert: Never met a dessert I didn’t like
Candy: Junior Mints, Chocolate Toffee Almonds
Beverage: Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Jan Karon, Francine Rivers
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Love MOST kinds
Hobbies/Special Interests: Reading, cooking classes, travel
Indulgence: Naps, spa services
Gift Certificate: Caribou, Starbucks, Williams Sonoma

Name: Richard Hinz   Birthday: 5/09
Fast Food Restaurant: Chic-fil-a
Fine Dining Restaurant: Granite City, Burger Jones
Kind of Pizza: Dominos
Dessert: Dairy Queen, brownies, double chocolate cookies
Candy: Reeses
Beverage: Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Classics/Orwell, Hemingway, Steinbeck, etc.
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Rock/Pearl Jam, The 4onthefloor
Hobbies/Special Interest: Outdoors, home improvement, auto repair (tools)
Indulgence: Vikings Football. Every Game
Gift Certificate: Target, Holiday (gas station), Trader Joe’s, Barnes & Noble

Name: Julie Hirte   Birthday: 2/4
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Any Italian Restaurant
Kind of Pizza: Veggie
Dessert: Tiramisu
Candy: Snickers, Twizzlers
Beverage: Coffee/Tea
Type of Book/Author: Christian Fiction/Political Thrillers
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian, 70s
Hobbies/Special Interests: Quilting, Reading, Bike Riding
Indulgence: Good Coffee, Theater
Gift Certificate: Any Restaurant

Name: Sarah Hlavacek   Birthday: 7/26
Fast Food Restaurant: Noodles, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni
Dessert: Cheesecake
Candy: Twix, Peanut Butter M&Ms
Beverage: Any type of Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Mystery novels
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Any/all
Hobbies/Special Interests: Scrapbooking, hiking, waterskiing
Indulgence: Movies, manicure/pedicure
Gift Certificate: Target, Maurices, Michaels

Name: Luis Holguin   Birthday: 2/20
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s or El Loro
Kind of Pizza: Little Caesars
Dessert: Ice-Cream
Candy: Chocolate
Beverage: Sprite
Type of Book/Author: Documentary
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Latin
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: Being Home/Sports
Gift Certificate:

Name: Priscilla Horn   Birthday: 3/18
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Noodles & Co., Qdoba
Fine Dining Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster
Kind of Pizza: Fire-roasted with lots of meat and veggies
Dessert: French Silk Pie
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Beverage: Kombucha, dark roast coffee
Type of Book/Author: spiritual growth – Ann Voskamp or Lysa Terkeurst, Historical Fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: easy listening, contemporary Christian
Hobbies/Special Interests: Reading, walking, decorating
Indulgence: Theater, shopping, time in the sun

Name: Mary Jacobson   Birthday: 4/23
Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Bell, Leeann Chins, Chipotle, Noodles
Fine Dining Restaurant: P.F. Chang, Buca, Biaggi’s
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni & Green Olive
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake
Candy: CHOCOLATE-Love Dove Dark Chocolate
Beverage: Water, Ice Tea
Type of Book/Author: Jan Karon, Agatha Christie, Donald Miller, Henri Nouwen, Historical, Mysteries, Biographies, Autobiographies
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Contemporary Christian, Crooners, Big Band, Jazz, Blue Grass, Oldies, etc.
Hobbies/Special Interests: Scrapbooking, Antiquing, Reading, Music, Classic Movies/TV shows
Indulgence: Scrapbooking, Sleep, Chocolate, Sleep, and More Chocolate
Gift Certificate: Kohls, Target, Noodles, Chipotle, Leann Chins

Name: Scott Jacobson   Birthday: 4/8
Fast Food Restaurant: Arby’s, Leeann Chin, Taco Bell
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s
Kind of Pizza: Pizza Man/Pepperoni Green Olive
Dessert: Chocolate Cake
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Beverage: White Iced Mocha-Bru House
Type of Book/Author: Mystery-Crime/Robert B. Parker/James Lee Burke-Law/Scott Turow-Christian-Donald Miller/Shane Claiborne
Type of Music/Artist/Group: R&B/Stevie Ray Vaughn/Allman Bros.–Jazz/Harp/Violin
Hobbies/Special Interests: Golf, reading, art, bonsai
Indulgence: Golf
Gift Certificate: Leeann Chin, Arby’s, Taco Bell

Name: Kevin Johnson:   Birthday: 11/12
Fast Food Restaurant: Chik-Fil-A
Fine Dining Restaurant: Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Vegetable
Dessert: Cheesecake
Candy: Jelly Beans
Beverage: Orange Juice/Ginger Ale
Type of Book/Author: Christian Theology/Apologetics
Type of Music: Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty
Hobbies/Special Interests: Cycling, Nordic skiing
Indulgence: Naps
Gift Certificate: Maple Grove Cycling

Name: Matthew Kinne   Birthday: 07/22
Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald’s, Culvers, Arby’s
Fine Dining Restaurant: Dixies on Grand
Kind of Pizza: BBQ Chicken OR Garbage
Dessert: Cheese Cake, Milk Shake -Stawberry
Candy: Snickers, Reeses
Beverage: Grape Juice, Pineapple Juice
Type of Book/Author:
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Coldplay, Nickle Creek, Minnesota Orchestra, Ordway Performances
Hobbies/Special Interests: Camping, Cooking, Baking, Carpentry, long walks
Indulgence: Time with my family
Gift Certificate: Gas, Cub Food, Best Buy, Any Music Store

Name: Kirstin Klein   Birthday: 12/21
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Chick-fil-A
Fine Dining Restaurant: Granite City, Redstone
Kind of Pizza: Punch Pizza
Dessert: anything and everything
Candy: M & Ms, Snickers
Beverage: Flavored Lattes, Diet Coke
Type of Book/Author: Historical fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Most kinds of music
Hobbies/Special Interests: Gardening, reading, running, baking
Indulgence: Starbucks, Candles,
Gift Certificate: Starbucks, Barnes and Noble

Name: Carin Laird   Birthday: 6/14
Fast Food Restaurant: Noodles
Fine Dining Restaurant: Broder’s Pasta Bar or Italian restaurant
Kind of Pizza: Punch
Dessert: Tiramisu
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Beverage: Coffee-Mocha, Caribou
Type of Book/Author: Mysteries-Agatha Christie, Christian Fiction-Karen Kingsbury
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Contemporary Christian
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: A Few Hours of Reading at the Coffee Shop -Dinner out With My Husband
Gift Certificate: Olive Garden, Lettuce Entertain You

Name: Chris Laird   Birthday: 4/13
Fast Food Restaurant: Yu Fong, Jimmy Johns
Fine Dining Restaurant: Broders, Manny’s, Rincon 38
Kind of Pizza: Gluten Free Solos Sausage
Dessert: Chocolate Raspberry Mascarpone
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Beverage: Water, Good Coffee
Type of Book/Author: History, Biographies
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian, R&B, Soul (Motown)
Hobbies/Special Interests: Beach, Amusement Parks
Indulgence: Massage, Ribeye, Whirlpools
Gift Certificate: Lettuce Entertain You

Name: Kelly Lamkin   Birthday: 11/4
Fast Food Restaurant: Culvers, Famous Dave’s
Fine Dining Restaurant: Benihana, Stella’s Fish Cafe
Kind of Pizza: Frankie’s-any
Dessert: Any, can’t pass up a cookie
Candy: Dark chocolate/caramel
Beverage: Coffee-dark roast
Type of Book/Author: Well-written fiction-particularly, pre-20th century, and Agatha Christie-style mysteries
Type of Music/Artist/Group: TobyMac, Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Danny Gokey
Hobbies/Special Interest: My grandchildren, my three Schnauzers, MN Vikings
Indulgence: Shopping
Gift Certificate: Good Things, Kala Lily, Caribou

Name: Melissa Lamkin   Birthday: 10/26
Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Bell
Fine Dining Restaurant: Chipotle
Kind of Pizza: Buffalo chicken
Dessert: Anything
Candy: Swedish fish
Beverage: Diet Mountain Dew
Type of Book/Author: Don’t have one
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Sidewalk Prophets
Hobbies/Special Interests: Basketball, outdoor activities and family
Indulgence: Any kind of chocolate or cookies
Gift Certificate: Target

Name: Timothy Lamkin   Birthday: 9/6 
Fast Food Restaurant: Culvers
Fine Dining Restaurant: Red Stone
Kind of Pizza: Papa Murphys (Cowboy
Dessert: all kinds of pie
Candy: snickers
Beverage: coffee
Type of Book/Author: history
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian rock
Hobbies/Special Interests: Fishing
Indulgence: Fishing
Gift Certificate: Cabelas

Name: Jessica Langert   Birthday: 2/10
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Which Wich, Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Any place with steak and/or sushi!
Kind of Pizza: Supreme
Dessert: Almost anything, especially chocolate and cheesecake
Candy: Most anything with chocolate (I like chocolate a LOT!)
Beverage: Coffee (including espresso drinks), chai tea, and other teas
Type of Book/Author: Anything historical, especially ancient history, I also enjoy C.S. Lewis and Nelson Mandela
Type of Music/Artist/Group: I like rock, pop rock and indie/alt rock type music (eg. The Wedding, Switchfoot, and Mumford & Sons)
Hobbies/Special Interests: Well, I knit a lot, so yarn is always welcome! My husband and I enjoy playing board games too (especially as our kids get older), and I read a lot, so books are always enjoyed.
Indulgence: Teavana teas, Pro sports games (go Minnesota!), Collecting cool/fun historical artifacts (aka antiques ;])
Gift Certificate: Target, Starbucks, Ragstock, (anything would be wonderful!)

Name: Sarah Lohse   Birthday: 9/16
Fast Food Restaurant: Noodles & Company
Fine Dining Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Kind of Pizza: Hawaiian
Dessert: Brownies or Cheesecake
Candy: Snickers
Beverage: Coffee or Coca Cola
Type of Book/Author: Christian books
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Country, Hillsong, Tenth Avenue North
Hobbies/Special Interests: Kayaking, hiking, games
Indulgence: Manicure, Starbucks
Gift Certificate: Starbucks, Target, any food place.

Name: Deb Mades   Birthday: 5/23
Fast Food Restaurant: Leeann Chin, Chipotles, Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Patricks (in Maple grove), Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden, ANYTHING would be wonderful!
Kind of Pizza: Sausage, Veggie, Hawaiian
Dessert: Fruit pie
Candy: Dark chocolate
Beverage: Mocha (skinny, dark chocolate)
Type of Book: Beautiful picture books to read to grandchildren
Type of Music: Christian or classical quiet, peace-filled, instrumental with no vocals that I can play in the LRC
Hobbies/Special Interests: Being a grandma, travel, biking, Nordic skiing, kayaking, singing
Indulgence: Manicures, pedicures, massage therapy, concerts, plays at the Chanhassen, Ordway, and Orpheum
Gift Certificates: Target, TJMax, Kohls, Pier I

Name: Heidi Miller   Birthday: 10/8
Fast Food Restaurant:
Fine Dining Restaurant: Benihana
Kind of Pizza: All Kinds
Dessert: Coffee Cooler
Beverage: It’s all about coffee!
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Modern Country; Luke Bryan
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: Any sports event/Taj Salon
Gift Certificate: Caribou & Starbucks

Name: Jessica Moe   Birthday: 4/24
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-A or Firehouse Subs
Fine Dining Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Annie’s Parlor (Dinky Town)
Kind of Pizza: Cheese, Chicken Alfredo, or BBQ Chicken
Dessert: DQ, Cake, ice cream, cookies, bars (just not coconut, and the only fruit in dessert I like is strawberries)
Candy: S’mores bar (they may not exist anymore), Snickers, Nut Roll, Pay Day
Beverage: Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Caribou, Nesquick Chocolate Milk
Type of Book/Author: Karen Kingsbury, Christian fiction (specifics check my goodreads account 😀 ), Christian Growth
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Worship, Christian, Country
Hobbies/Special Interests: Zumba, Volleyball, Blogging, Reading, Writing, Baking, Travel, Movies!
Indulgence: Concerts, Timberwolves games (specifically Golden State), broadway shows
Gift Certificate: Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body, Amazon (books are cheaper on Amazon) Lifeway

Name: Jolee Mosier   Birthday: 3/21
Fast Food Restaurant: any
Fine Dining Restaurant: anywhere…I like to try new and delicious places
Kind of Pizza: any kind is great…veggies are good with meat and cheese
Dessert: any, like it all from cookies to cakes to frozen yogurt/ice cream
Candy: any…chocolate, caramel, mint, nuts it all works for me
Beverage: coffee
Type of Book/Author: any…if you think it’s a great book…I would love to read it too.
Type of Music/Artist/Group: any….I like to explore different types and styles of music
Hobbies/Special Interests: gardening, cooking, traveling, shopping, exploring, learning
Gift Certificate: to any place or anything is appreciated

Name: Gwen Moulton   Birthday: 4/14
Fast Food Restaurant: Leeann Chin
Fine Dining Restaurant: P.F. Chang’s
Kind of Pizza: Garlic Chicken
Dessert: Dark chocolate
Candy: Dark chocolate
Beverage: Coffee with cream
Type of Book/Author: Chaim Potok, C.S. Lewis, Greg Boyd, J.R.R. Tolkien
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Scott Stapp, Creed, Boston, Journey, 4Him
Hobbies/Special Interest: Thrift Shopping, walking
Indulgence: Vanilla perfume or light musk perfume
Gift Certificate: Turn Style, Savers, Value Village

Name: Lorrie Neuharth   Birthday: 12/30
Fast Food Restaurant: Pot Belly, Firehouse Subs, Zupa’s, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks
Fine Dining Restaurant: Granite City, Redstone, Biaggi’s
Kind of Pizza: Vegetarian
Dessert: Yes please
Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Beverage: Coffee, Diet Coke
Type of Book/Author:
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Capital Kings, Toby Mac
Hobbies/Special Interest: Attending a variety of fitness classes
Indulgence: Meeting up with my friends for fellowship and laughter
Gift Certificate: Lucy, Athleta

Name: Lisa Otten   Birthday: 07/28
Fast Food Restaurant: Subway
Fine Dining Restaurant: The Capital Grille
Kind of Pizza: Barbeque Chicken; Sausage, green pepper, mushroom
Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake; Milk Chocolate
Candy: Snickers
Beverage: Arnold Palmer
Type of Book/Author: J.R.R. Tolkien; C.S. Lewis; Devotionals-Oswald Chambers, Sarah Young
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Toby Mac; Casting Crowns; MercyMe
Hobbies/Special Interests: Cooking; Gardening; Hiking; Camping; Traveling
Indulgence: Peanut Buster Parfait-Dairy Queen
Gift Certificate: Target; Macys

Name: Kirstie Petersen   Birthday: 12/5
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Noodles, Solos Pizza
Fine Dining Restaurant: PF Chang’s
Kind of Pizza: Really, I Like All Kinds!!
Dessert: Cheesecake, Brownies,
Candy: Chocolate, Reese’s pieces, cherry licorice
Beverage: Caribou’s White chocolate vanilla mocha, vanilla cooler or sparkling green tea lemonade with a shot of raspberry, diet mug
Type of Book/Author: Christian fiction/Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Contemporary Christian/Third Day, Mark Schultz, Aaron Schust, Brandon Heath and Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra
Hobbies/Special Interests: Camping, going to my kid’s sporting events, running, reading
Indulgence: Caribou, movie theater
Gift Certificates: Chipotle, Noodles, Solos Pizza

Name: Scott Ramsier   Birthday: 4/24
Fast Food Restaurant: Arby’s, Subway, Taco Bell
Fine Dining Restaurant: Outback
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni & Mushroom
Dessert: Ice Cream
Candy: Nut Goodie
Beverage: Pepsi
Type of Book/Author:
Type of Music/Artist/Group:
Hobbies/Special Interest: Golf, Football, Movies
Gift Certificate: Home Depot

Name: Vickie Ramsier   Birthday: 1/24
Fast Food Restaurant: Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Maynard’s, Granite City or Emma Krumbee’s
Kind of Pizza:
Candy: Dove Dark Chocolate (without almonds) or Peanut M&M’s
Beverage: Caribou’s Green Tea Lemonade (non-sparkling)
Type of Book/Author: Christian non-fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Mercy Me or Third Day
Hobbies/Special Interests: Golf
Indulgence: Dark Chocolate
Gift Certificate: Caribou, Target or Panera

Name: Jennifer Roberts   Birthday: 8/25
Fast Food Restaurant: R Taco, Chick-fil-A, Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni
Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Candy: Hot Tamales
Beverage: Coffee or Coke
Type of Book/Author: Devotional/Bible Studies by Beth Moore; I also enjoy books by John Grisham
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Praise and Worship / Jeremy Camp
Hobbies/Special Interests: Hiking, Shopping, Traveling, Spending time with family and friends
Indulgence: Manicure/Pedicure/Massage
Gift Certificate: Homegoods

Name: Melinda Rohland   Birthday: 9/12
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys/Fries
Fine Dining Restaurant: Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Spinach feta w/bacon or taco
Dessert: Cheesecake, brownies
Candy: Mounds, dark chocolate, maple nut
Beverage: Chai tea or Dark Chocolate Turtle Mocha
Type of Book/Author: Christian motivational, Christian fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: bluegrass gospel, strings, piano
Hobbies/Special Interests: Cooking/baking, guitar, drawing
Indulgence: Caribou, pedicure
Gift Certificate: Hobby Lobby, Amazon

Name: Joseph Ruiz   Birthday: 6/14
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
Fine Dining Restaurant: Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: BJ’s deep dish pepperoni
Dessert: Tiramisu (Olive Garden)
Candy: Hot Tamales (Cinnamon) or Chocolate Parfait NIPS
Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Type of Book/Author: Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Mystery (Sherlock Holmes)
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Hillsong United, Worship, Toby Mac, Matt Kearney
Hobbies/Special Interests: Spending time with my family, the movies, reading, going on walks with my wife
Indulgence: More Tiramisu 🙂
Gift Certificate: iTunes, Olive Garden, Chick-Fil-A

Name: Stephanie Schallenkamp   Birthday: 10/16
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Jimmy Johns
Fine Dining Restaurant: Big Bowl, Crave
Kind of Pizza: I love every type of pizza 🙂
Dessert: Cookies, Cake, Bars…I love everything!
Candy: Anything chocolate!
Beverage: Iced Caramel Macchiato or anything with coffee in it!
Type of Book/Author: Books about Education
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian/Pop/Country
Hobbies/Special Interests: Hiking/Art/Baking
Indulgence: Shopping at Target/Books/Traveling
Gift Certificate: Target/Amazon

Name: Tonya Scott   Birthday: 2/3
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s, PF Chang, Cheese Cake Factory, Gianni’s
Kind of Pizza: Punch
Dessert: Fruit Smoothie
Candy: Peanuts, Nuts, Cashews, etc
Beverage: Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Caribou
Type of Book/Author: Books about Education
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Point of Grace
Hobbies/Special Interests: Anything outdoors
Indulgence: Twins tickets, Timberwolves tickets, Lynx tickets
Gift Certificate: Pottery Barn, Macys, Lifeway Bookstore, Barnes and Noble

Name: Kathy Shapiro   Birthday: 2/16
Fast Food Restaurant: Wendy’s, LeeAnn Chins, Panera
Fine Dining Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Vegetarian, Canadian Bacon/Pineapple
Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Candy: Dark chocolate
Beverage: Chai Tea Latte, Zevia diet cola or other soda
Type of Book/Author: Christian growth and theology, Bible study books, children’s books, (anything is good since I love to read)
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian Worship Music, Classical Music, Jazz Music (do not have a favorite artist or group)
Hobbies/Special Interests: Gardening, cooking and baking
Indulgence: Pedicure
Gift Certificate: Caribou, Starbucks, and any store where cooking, baking, kitchen supplies are sold.

Name: Debbie Shireman   Birthday: 10/31
Fast Food Restaurant: Culvers, Chick-Fil-A, Freddys, Panera, PotBelly
Fine Dining Restaurant: Biaggi’s, Granite City
Kind of Pizza: Hamburger, Black Olives and Mushrooms
Dessert: Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies
Candy: Dark Chocolate, Kit Kat
Beverage: Ice Tea – Favorite 1/2 sweet, 1/2 unsweetened at Freddys or Chick-Fil-A
Type of Book/Author: Francine Rivers, Elizabeth Camden, Kristy Cambron
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian Contemporary, Worship Music
Hobbies/Special Interests: Sewing, Scrapbooking, Sports and Exercising
Indulgence: Play/Musicals, Massages
Gift Certificate: MainStream Boutique, J. Jill, Talbots, Macys

Name: Amy Somercik   Birthday: 11/1
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle, Zupas, Punch Pizza
Fine Dining Restaurant: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Kind of Pizza: Sausage and Mushroom, Margherita
Dessert: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream
Candy: Anything Chocolate
Beverage: Fruit Smoothies, hot chocolate
Type of Book/Author: Christian Fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian, Country, light contemporary
Hobbies/Special Interests: Walking, biking, time with family, crafting, traveling
Indulgence: Candles, Chocolate!!!!
Gift Certificate: Target, Loft, restaurant, gift shop

Name: Casey Stage   Birthday: 4/20
Fast Food Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Red Lobster, Los Ocompo
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni & Green Pepper
Dessert: Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry’s!)
Candy: Lindor Truffles
Beverage: Caribou Coffee, Bigelow Tea
Type of Book/Author: Anything Recommended, C.S. Lewis
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Mumford & Sons, oldies, folk
Hobbies/Special Interests: Sports enthusiast, hiking, camping
Indulgence: Family, collecting coffee mugs
Gift Certificate: H&M, Target, Caribou

Name: Christine Stevens   Birthday: 6/2
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A, Noodles, Culvers, Famous Dave’s
Fine Dining Restaurant: Wildfire, Cheesecake Factory, Redstone, Olive Garden
Kind of Pizza: Cheese, Sausage, Hawaiian
Dessert: Anything store bought or homemade, I’m not picky!
Candy: Anything!
Beverage: San Pellegrino Limonatas, Jamba Juice, coffee, tea
Type of Book/Author: The classics, Christian fiction, devotional books, young adult fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Pop, Classical, Vance Joy, Ben Rector, Birdy, James Bay
Hobbies/Special Interests: Crochet (Extra yarn is always nice!), Travel, Volleyball, Baking
Indulgence: Travel, stationary, new books, concert or play/musical tickets
Gift Certificate: Coffee shops, Barnes and Noble, Target, restaurants

Name: Luke Temte   Birthday: 7/21
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Applebee’s, Red Lobster
Kind of Pizza: Jets
Dessert: Ice Cream
Candy: Chips and Salsa (You read right!)
Beverage: Rootbeer
Type of Book/Author: History, Mystery, and Theology (Timothy Keller, Francis Chan, Warren Wiersbe)
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Movie Soundtrack and Worship (Hillsong, I Am They, Elevation)
Hobbies/Special Interests: Reading, coaching, sports events, guitar
Indulgence: Road trips and food
Gift Certificate: Amazon

Name: Dustin Thompson   Birthday: 12/9
Fast Food Restaurant: Chipotle
Fine Dining Restaurant: Anywhere
Kind of Pizza: Everything/Supreme/Deluxe
Dessert: Anything Sweet
Candy: Gummy Worms
Beverage: Dark Roast Coffee (Starbucks), Sprecher Root Beer
Type of Book/Author: Individual books from: Baker Exegetical Commentary Series, Pillar Commentary Series, New Studies in Biblical Theology Series
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Red Mountain Church, Indelible Grace
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: Books, Golf
Gift Certificate: Gas, Chipotle, Starbucks

Name: Kelsi Warner   Birthday: 2/9
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
Fine Dining Restaurant: Big Bowl
Kind of Pizza: Cheese
Dessert: M&M Cookies
Candy: Recess, Twix
Beverage: Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks
Type of Book/Author: Lisa Bevere and John Bevere
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Worship, Country/Pop
Hobbies/Special Interests: Exploring, Traveling, MN Wild, Vikings
Indulgence: Massages, Traveling, Shopping
Gift Certificate: Starbucks or Nordstrom Rack

Name: Dana Weld   Birthday: 9/24
Fast Food Restaurant: Culver’s, Subway
Fine Dining Restaurant: Wildfire, Granite City
Kind of Pizza: Pepperoni, mushroom, black olive
Dessert: White cake with white butter cream frosting
Candy: Nut Goodies
Beverage: Diet Coke
Type of Book/Author: Max Lucado, any books about foreign cultures
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian contemporary, worship, Hillsongs Australia
Hobbies/Special Interests: Language learning, jogging, traveling
Indulgence: Trinidads from Fannie May (a candy)
Gift Certificate: Wildfire, Granite City

Name: Mary Yerks   Birthday: 2/21
Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald’s, Subway
Fine Dining Restaurant: Nona Rosa, Sunshine Factory, Red Lobster
Kind of Pizza: Everything
Dessert: Ice Cream
Candy: Dark Chocolate, any M&M’s
Beverage: Coffee or Iced Tea
Type of Book/Author: Mystery, History
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Big Band, Jazz, Classical, Handbell
Hobbies/Special Interests: reading, working with wood
Indulgence: Tickets to a Broadway Musical or Chanhassen Dinner Theater
Gift Certificate: Nona Rosa’s, Red Lobster, Pub 42, Land’s End, Caribou

Name: Jackie Zachay   Birthday: 1/30
Fast Food Restaurant: McDonalds, Wendy’s
Fine Dining Restaurant: Axel’s
Kind of Pizza: Green Olive/Canadian Bacon
Dessert: Home Made Cookies
Candy: Peanut Brittle
Beverage: Coffee
Type of Book/Author: Christian Fiction
Type of Music/Artist/Group: Christian Jeremy Camp
Hobbies/Special Interests:
Indulgence: Bath and Body Works
Gift Certificate: Red Lobster Eddie Bauer