Dress Code

Heritage Christian Academy is dedicated to training young men and women to become self- disciplined members of the body of Christ. Each student and staff member shares the responsibility of developing and exhibiting a school spirit that honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dress Code Basics for Elementary, Middle & High School Students

Neatness, Modesty and Respect are the goals of the dress code policy. Working toward these objectives through a dress code rather than a uniform system intentionally leaves students a measure of choice and individuality. This also provides ample opportunity for students to learn shopping strategies with their parents. While HCA policy attempts to be very clear, individual choice may also leave some grey areas in decision making. As a general rule, an outfit a parent or student questions at home is generally best left at home. The final decision regarding individual dress code questions will be made at the discretion of school administration.

For specific dress code guidelines, please see the student handbook. Current families may find this information on their student’s PowerLearning pages.