Academic Advising

The Academy’s Academic Advising Department provides a full range of academic guidance and student support services to middle and high school students and their families.  Building a strong academic plan to meet graduation requirements and, most importantly, one that maximizes the God-given gifts, talents, and goals of each person is our primary focus.

Academic Advising serves students through academic guidance, course scheduling, post-secondary planning, academic testing and by supporting students in school-related or personal issues that may affect the learning environment. We also assist individual students and their families through referral services for career and counseling resources.

High School students are encouraged to meet throughout the year with the Director of Academics and Student Services to discuss progress toward graduation standards, academic planning, college/career options, testing assessment results, and a review of transcript materials.

Middle School students will participate in transition programs as they move from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school. Transitions 6 is a course taken by all sixth grade students to support their transition into middle school life.

Academy students are provided with resources to create their Plan for Academic, Spiritual, and Social Success (P.A.S.S.S.). In addition, the Middle School/High School Learning Resource Center specialist, Mrs. Christine Thune, is available to support students who have specific learning plans or need additional resources.

For more information, please click this link to access the Academic Advising Department Resource page.