Tue, 06/20/2017 - 8:30am
Dynamic Art                                     June 19-22
Grades K-8 in fall of 2017
The Dynamic Arts program
allows for Beginners to advanced to progress through several
increasingly difficult levels.
Dynamic Art combines art and technology while challenging your child to explore the
relationship of these ideas. Your child will be given the experience of making moving sculptures. Artists such as Alexander Calder used this method for his ceiling mobiles, which are seen all over the country. Each child will be given the
opportunity to explore their creativity while incorporating the exciting elements of technology. Through the use of motors, gears and pulleys your child will learn how to turn their art to an exciting new level. They will be making beautiful and fun, unique sculptures that exist as art and decorative objects. This class will challenge the
functionality of the creative process as well as being fun and rewarding. It is more than your basic children’s art class.
Who: Two levels: K-8 in fall 2017
When: June 19 - 22
Where: Room #138
Cost: 8:30-11:00am. $125
          12:00-2:30pm $125
          8:30am-2:30pm all day discount $199
Register by contacting: www.stemandrobotics.com
Questions? Contact Angela Marchio at 651-303-8955 or
Special instructions: Full day campers should bring their own bag lunch and a drink.