Student Drivers

When leaving from Heritage for an athletic event, we want all our players riding in a carpool organized by the driving coordinator/parents. The only exception is for games/matches that are played at Providence or West Lutheran. In that case a player can only drive themselves and siblings.

When we play at night or on the weekends and are NOT leaving from Heritage, the players are responsible for getting themselves to the game. It is still our encouragement that parents drive and that students do not carpool in large groups, but we cannot mandate this as a rule. Use a good judgment – Young people are easily distracted as they drive to games (mental preparation) and are most likely fatigued when the game/match is over. Driving “long” or even short distances could be dangerous for young drivers.

I realize this is a challenge as we do not bus our teams. That would make certain aspects of our transportation easier, but at this point it is not an option for us. For now, I appreciate the sacrifices our parents make so we can transport our teams. Please avail yourself to helping out the driving coordinators; it is not an easy job.

HCA ATHLETICS/HCA Athletic Statement – Student Drivers