Extracurricular Eligibility

In order to participate in extracurricular activities at Heritage, our students must maintain a C average (2.0GPA) and may not have an F on their grade record.    If during the semester, a student falls below these standards, the student and parents will be notified and the athlete will be placed on “academic probation” until the grade(s) is brought up. During this probationary period, the student will be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities.   It is the student’s responsibility to talk to his/her teacher and work out a plan to improve the grade. Any F on a grade report may result in immediate ineligibility.

If the grade has not improved at the next grading period, the parents will be notified by the Athletic Director.  The student will be ineligible for extra curricular activities. We prayerfully suggest that the student use his/her time for study.

Teachers will be made aware of these probations. If a teacher receives work or excellent test/quiz scores that enable his grade to be raised to a 74% (C) or better, the secondary office and the athletic department would be notified and they would in turn notify the student and their family that the probation has been suspended.

Please be aware that if a student would fall into a C- grade at any time during the remainder of the school year after that probationary phone call, they would be put on extracurricular ineligibility until a teacher notifies us of improvement (74% C) or until the next grading period.

Also be aware that at anytime a student is missing an assignment(s) a teacher may ask the coach to suspend the player until all assignments are turned in.


HCA ATHLETICS/HCA Athletic Statement – Extracurricular Eligibility