Heritage Christian Academy’s approach to a Liberal Arts education includes an emphasis on Fine Arts, as all students are given opportunities to engage in Choral Music,Strings, Band,Visual Arts and Theatre.  Creativity is gifted to us by our Creator God, and as such, understanding its value and place within our creative community helps us to deepen our faith, whether this is developed and exercised through visual, musical or theatre arts.

Visual Arts Offerings Include:

Hand-built Ceramics
Wheel-built Ceramics
Fiber and Textile Design
Graphic Design
Independent Art Studio

General Music, including instruction in music concepts as well as Choir is enjoyed by all students, PreK-Grade 5.

Orchestra instruction is offered beginning in Grade 3, while Band is offered beginning in Grade 5. All students participate in at least one Music discipline through Grade 8.

High School Band, Choir, Visual Arts and Orchestra students will experience competition through the MN State High School League.
Music students participate in Music Tours/Trips