Part-Time Option for Home-Schooled Students

Heritage Christian Academy offers a unique opportunity for home-schooled students to take classes on campus to complement their regular course of study.

Middle and High School students (grades 6-12): Up to 3 courses are permitted. Classes meet three times a week (either Monday-Wednesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday). Wednesday classes are 40 minutes long each. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday classes are 85 minutes in length. Lunch is available for purchase as well. Home-schooled students are also welcome and encouraged to participate in chapel on Wednesdays. Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $700.00 per class, per semester.

Third-Fifth Grade Students will be eligible to participate in instrumental music instruction. Please contact our Admissions Office for tuition and timing details (contact information below) Orchestra instruction begins in Grade 3, while Band begins in Grade 5.

NOTE: only full time Heritage students are eligible for participation in extracurricular athletic activities. Additionally, only full time (students who have earned the required number of graduation credits) will earn a diploma after completing their senior year of high school.

Completion of the Heritage Christian Academy online Application for Admission, along with the admission interview,  is required for admission.

For more information, contact Julie Herman, Director of Admissions, at or 763-463-2223.