Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking time to peruse our Heritage Christian Academy website. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our school community, and trust that this information will provide you with a glimpse of HCA’s mission and programs.

As an area leader in Christian education for 37 years, HCA has a well-established history of serving the Christian home by educating students through the lens of Scripture. Core subject classes like mathematics and reading are taught according to individual strengths and abilities; fine arts, foreign language, physical education, Bible classes, technology, social studies and sciences provide an important framework for the Heritage student’s education and life preparation. Missions, historical and fine arts travel experience, a wide variety of athletic opportunities and service projects also play important roles in shaping and rounding out the spiritual, academic and social formation of our children and young adults.

Our teachers and staff play integral roles in the lives of our children. One of our first grade teachers was recently overheard telling her students about praying for them on her drive to school each morning. Our most important work is done as all things are consistently covered in prayer by parents, administrators, instructors and school board members.

As the Admissions Director, I welcome the opportunity to have you schedule time for a tour of our school so that you can discover for yourself just how we are working to Equip Minds, Engage Hearts and Encounter Jesus Christ through all we do. Please call or email me at 763-463-2223 or jherman@heritagechristianacademymn.org if you are interested in learning more or to schedule such a visit. May God bless you in your role as your children’s most important teachers.

Investing for Eternity,

Julie Herman
Director of Admissions and Community Relations

Mrs. Julie Herman
Admissions Director
Heritage Christian Academy