Admissions Procedures

In keeping with the mission of the school, which is to support the Christian home, Heritage Christian Academy seeks to fill its student body with students who have a genuine personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who have the ability to be successful in our academic environment. Parents (and students applying for 6th-12th grades) must agree with the school’s Statement of Purpose and Statement of Faith.

Enrollment applications are available here: If the student is not placed at HCA for the desired school year, a new application will be required for each ensuing year that enrollment is desired. Acceptance of students will be based on priorities listed below, NOT on date of the application’s receipt.

Current students at Heritage Christian Academy who are in good standing in academics, behavior and financial obligation will be given first priority until February 1st. New applicants will be evaluated as to whether or not they meet the minimum qualifications to be successful at HCA based on the following criteria:

  • Completed application, including all references
  • An interview with the admissions staff
  • An evaluation of the student’s application, including a testimony of faith, a pastoral referral and a teacher referral
  • An evaluation of transcripts, records and recommendations
  • An assessment of any special educational needs that a student might have along with an assessment of the Academy’s ability to meet those needs.

All qualified applicants will be considered for openings based upon the following criteria:

  • Children of Faculty, Staff and members of the Board of Trustees of Heritage Christian Academy
  • Students who have a sibling already enrolled at HCA
  • Children of members of Grace Free Lutheran Church
  • Children of HCA Alumni
  • Children of students of the Association Free Theological Seminary & Bible College
  • Interview with the Principal
  • Previous academic history, transcripts, test scores and previous disciplinary history

The Admissions Process includes the following:

  1. Complete application here:
  2. Submit completed pastor and teacher referrals and most recent report card/standardized test scores. Applications for enrollment are given full consideration when all pieces of the application are returned.
  3. Grades 1-12 applicants will submit the most current report card/transcript. In addition, HCA reserves the right to request test score results from nationally normed standardized tests (e.g. Iowa Test of Basic Skills, California Achievement Test, Stanford Achievement Test).
  4. The Admissions Committee will review the information that has been submitted and evaluate prospective students.
  5. Based on above criteria, prospective students and parents may be invited to interview with the appropriate Admissions Staff member.