From Small Beginnings

In 1981, the small group of people forming the church family, Medicine Lake Lutheran Church, an Association of Free Lutheran Congregations church, began to investigate God’s prompting to form a Christian School. Their goals were defined: Operate the school on a Christian philosophy of education; Achieve excellence in academic standards; Teach children the Word of God; Help parents learn skills which promote the healthy growth and development of the child; and Pursue enhancement of the above goals by adding ways and means to further the development of the whole child as he/she is created by God. The church voted to fulfill this call of God, “looking ahead to assisting children in their Christian walk as the ways of God are an integral part of academic and educational aspects of their lives.” Thus, Medicine Lake Lutheran Academy was born.

Initially, the small school, consisting of 14 students, was located on the same campus as the church building in Plymouth, Minnesota. In 1984, having increased its enrollment by 41 students, MLLA was prompted to seek a larger facility. The school was housed in the Elliot Community Center for one year, then it relocated to Central Community Center in St. Louis Park. As it became clear that the trend towards private education for committed Christian families was a growing one, the leadership of MLLA began investigating another of the Lord’s promptings: the construction of their own building.

In 1986, 4.5 acres of land was purchased by Medicine Lake Lutheran Church. However, the land, located in Plymouth, proved to be too small a parcel. In 1997, the School Board, spurred on by an enrollment of 219 students, once again followed God’s leading to our next home, Olivet Baptist Church, located In Crystal, MN. The Academy had grown to a student population of more than 420 students (2001-2002 school year) with the addition of high school to its original kindergarten development through eighth grade classes. Medicine Lake Lutheran Academy enjoyed steady growth and God’s blessings since its inception in 1981.

The current representation of over 90 metropolitan area churches in its student body is a strong testimony to the continued faithfulness of God, Christian parents, godly administrators and staff, and the faithful leadership of its Board of Trustees. The MLLA family looked forward with confident expectation as they relied on the provision of God to enable the academy to build its new facility in 2001-2002. In the summer of 2002 the name Medicine Lake Lutheran Academy was changed to Heritage Christian Academy to better reflect the ministry and mission of the school. In January of 2003, Heritage Christian Academy opened the doors of its new facility in Maple Grove, where we now house Kindergarten Preparatory through 12th grades.