The Association Free Lutheran Congregations(AFLC) is a strong Bible based, evangelical church association. While HCA honors its sponsoring evangelical Lutheran Church, the Bible teaching is the actual word of God and Biblical principles emphasize the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ and growing in Christian character. Follow this link for more information about the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.

What are your class sizes? There are approximately 440 students. We aim to have one teacher for every 25 students with aides assisting in early childhood classrooms.

Yes, we have music instructors that teach music appreciation, 3 times weekly, to students in grades KP3-5, as well as 6-12 as an elective. In the secondary school, various performance group options are also available. There are instructors for Band (beginning in grade 5) and Orchestra (beginning in grade 3) with the option of personal or group lessons.

HCA/MLLA was founded in 1981 by the Medicine Lake Lutheran Church (now Grace Free Lutheran) of Plymouth, Minnesota.

Applications are available online. There is a non-refundable application fee of $50 per application.

Yes, at this time Mandarin and Spanish are available onsite as secondary school electives. Additionally, some online options are also available.

Elementary students enjoy twice weekly Mandarin instruction.

Follow this link to our financial information.

You may call our Admissions Office at 763-463-2223, or email

You are welcome to schedule a tour with our Admissions staff by calling 763-463-2223. When/if an opening for your child occurs, an interview time and a classroom observation may be scheduled. We encourage both parents to be present at the admissions interview if at all possible. Your child(ren) is/are welcome to be with you at the interview and observation. Prospective secondary school students are required to participate in the interview process.

Tuition reduction is available for families with multiple (3 or more) children at HCA. Tuition assistance awards are based on an objective assessment of family need. Application is required which includes pertinent data on the parents' income, assets, liabilities and expenses. To request a Tuition Assistance Application, please call the admissions office at 763-463-2223. This process requires a new application each year.

HCA believes in regular or daily Bible instruction. HCA's Bible curricula comes directly from the Bible, God's Holy Word. Bible stories, Scripture memorization, and studies in the Bible take place. We teach specific doctrines outlined in the ACSI Statement of Faith located in the handbooks. Many different churches are represented at HCA. Our goal is to keep God as our center focus in life, which includes family, school, and church. It is our desire for each student, family, teacher and staff member to have personal faith in Jesus Christ and to be a growing Christian. We also have regular chapel times for the secondary and elementary students. HCA believes in the importance and application of the Bible to every area of life; therefore, each area of instruction is impacted by Biblical integration.

As soon as we receive an application along with the application fee, the applicant is added to the candidate pool for the desired grade level. Later, an interview may be arranged.

Kindergarten Preparatory 3 - 8:00 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
Kindergarten Preparatory 4 through 5th Grade - 8:00 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
6th Grade through 12th Grade - 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

While computers are used to support the Accelerated Reader/STAR Reading Program starting in Kindergarten for some students and in 1st grade for ALL students, formal keyboarding instruction begins in 3rd grade and Word Processing in 5th grade. Computer instruction continues through 7th grade and becomes an elective in 9th grade. High School students are able to choose from a variety of computer electives including HTML, Microsoft Office Suite, Stats and Computer Aided Design.

At this time, all HCA families carpool.

Dress Code is outlined in the Student Handbook.

We are pleased at our academic success and rate of learning at HCA. We do tend to be ahead of some schools for more than one reason. Our curriculum and classroom structure moves the children through a large amount of learning. Respect and joy of learning in turn move the children forward at what seems to be a more aggressive rate than some schools. Regarding fitting in or being able to keep up with our students, there are options for your child. Many immediately blend in with the level of the class. At the beginning of each year our teachers spend time reviewing core concepts from the previous year. This is helpful to current and new students. If your child does seem to be behind in a certain subject, tutoring may be an option during the school year and in the summer months. Another option may be to pursue some home tutoring. Socially, our students are encouraging and welcoming to new students. Our teachers and staff are sensitive to the needs of new students and will seek to make the transition comfortable.

We have high standards and because we believe we have a responsibility for the success of every student at HCA we recognize our limitations in being unable to meet the needs of some students. We adhere to our policy of admitting limited numbers of students requiring academic/behavioral interventions.

At this time we offer basketball beginning in 3rd Grade. In 6th grade, we expand to offer soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, cross-country, track and football. Additional sports that become available in high school are cross-country, track and field, football, tennis, golf, trapshooting and hockey. Additionally, chess, art, Destination Imagination and Robotics are available for elementary students after school.