Welcome to Heritage Christian Academy Preschool!

Apply your heart to instruction, and your ears to words of knowledge.  Proverbs 23:12

The faculty and administration of Heritage Christian Academy’s preschool and elementary school are called to co-labor with Godly families that desire to raise their children in homes that place Christ at its center. We consider it a privilege to partner with you on that journey and strive to create daily experiences that encourage a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord.

We believe that early learning opportunities are critical to creating a love of learning that will continue in children throughout their lives. That means that those experiences need to excite, fulfill and encourage a desire to seek wisdom and knowledge and grow in faith. At Heritage Christian Academy, classrooms are safe environments that encourage exploration, discovery and fun. In addition to daily Bible teaching and scripture memorization, teachers also use academic lessons to reveal God’s truths in all subject areas. Specials classes like art, music, Mandarin, and PE provide additional opportunities for students to explore even more of their God-given gifts and talents.

Pre-kindergarten classes spend their days focusing on fundamental skills such as phonemic awareness, reading readiness, early number strategies, fine-motor skills, and social/emotional growth. The elementary school emphasizes rigorous, grade-appropriate growth and development in each of the academic disciplines. Lessons are taught with each child’s learning style and ability in mind. Our grade level distinctive link below provides greater details for HCA‘s  preschool program.

Early Childhood for 4 year olds

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Christian Academy. Please schedule a tour to see how we can partner with you in raising up this next generation of Christian leaders. We look forward to welcoming you to the Heritage Christian Academy family!

In His Service,
Mrs. Renie Contento
Heritage Christian Academy
Preschool & Elementary Principal


….Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

God created us with the need to learn. Young children learn through observation and play. As young children grow, they need love, nurture, guidance, and instruction.

Heritage Christian Academy’s Mission: Equipping Minds | Engaging Hearts | Encountering Jesus Christ

We are committed to this mission starting in our Preschool classrooms.

Equipping Minds: Young children first need to feel safe and to feel loved before they can be ready to learn. The love and care Heritage Christian Academy’s teachers provide to each child in their classroom is a reflection of their love for their Savior. Children will learn through play, individualized inquiry-based instruction and guided teaching. Teachers cover all major subject areas including early math and literacy skills, science,  and art. 

Engaging  Hearts: God designed young children with a need for healthy, loving, and positive interactions. Heritage Christian Academy’s teachers love each child and recognize their God-created uniqueness. Teachers use Love and Logic to help children voice their feelings and learn to respond to them in appropriate ways. Children are taught to take responsibility for their choices and learn how to make amends for mistakes. They also learn social-emotional, self-regulation, and transitional skills.

Encountering Jesus Christ: At Heritage Christian Academy, we desire that every child meets Jesus, makes a decision for salvation, and chooses to live for Him daily. Children will receive daily Bible instruction and participate in worship time. Teachers at Heritage integrate a biblical worldview into each lesson, pointing back to God’s Creation, Man’s Fall, Jesus’ Redemption, and our coming restoration.

In addition to their classroom learning, Heritage Christian Academy’s students also receive instruction in Physical Education, Chinese Language, Music, and Library.

Heritage Christian Academy is a special place where families are valued as God’s design. Parents partner with teachers to best understand the needs of their child.

I thank God and ask Him to continue to guide Christian families to Heritage Christian Academy.

Amanda Stocke