I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ~Psalm 139:14

Heritage Christian Academy’s Preschool and Elementary School serves children from 3  years of age through fifth grade. Partnership with parents is a rich element of our school community.  With the Christian home, Heritage provides unique opportunities, such as Encounter (weekly chapel), which help children to establish well-rounded social, spiritual, and emotional foundations.

Heritage is committed to hearts and minds being transformed through Jesus Christ to the glory of God. Each day begins with Bible instruction and Bible memorization. Integrating God’s Truth through instruction in academics and character creates the enriched, loving learning environments which are a hallmark of HCA.

Heritage Christian Academy’s dedicated, licensed teachers are committed to the pursuit of excellence in subject content and instructional methods. They serve at Heritage because God has called them to do so, and they strive to shepherd children as Jesus shepherds us. Heritage Christian Academy faculty and staff instruct from the conviction that each child is uniquely created by their Heavenly Father. We believe that each individual has a God-ordained purpose. It is a tremendous privilege and responsibility to integrate Truth into each subject and within student interactions every day.

Pre-kindergarten grades emphasizes phonemic awareness, academic readiness activities and social development in preparation for kindergarten and as a foundation for future learning at HCA. The Elementary School focuses on achievement in core subjects in accordance with each student’s ability. Please refer to program specific links which highlight grade level distinctives in HCA’s preschool and elementary classrooms.

Thank you for your interest in Heritage. Please schedule a tour to experience the peace and joy which are natural outcomes of Christian Education. Our faculty and staff welcome you to make Heritage Christian Academy your school home.


Mrs. Gwen Berge, Preschool and Elementary Principal
Heritage Christian Academy


….Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

God created us with the need to learn. Young children learn through observation and play. As young children grow, they need love, nurture, guidance, and instruction.

Heritage Christian Academy’s Mission: Equipping Minds | Engaging Hearts | Encountering Jesus Christ

We are committed to this mission starting in our Preschool classrooms.

Equipping Minds: Young children first need to feel safe and to feel loved before they can be ready to learn. The love and care Heritage Christian Academy’s teachers provide to each child in their classroom is a reflection of their love for their Savior. Children will learn through play, individualized inquiry-based instruction and guided teaching. Teachers cover all major subject areas including early math and literacy skills, science,  and art. 

Engaging  Hearts: God designed young children with a need for healthy, loving, and positive interactions. Heritage Christian Academy’s teachers love each child and recognize their God-created uniqueness. Teachers use Love and Logic to help children voice their feelings and learn to respond to them in appropriate ways. Children are taught to take responsibility for their choices and learn how to make amends for mistakes. They also learn social-emotional, self-regulation, and transitional skills.

Encountering Jesus Christ: At Heritage Christian Academy, we desire that every child meets Jesus, makes a decision for salvation, and chooses to live for Him daily. Children will receive daily Bible instruction and participate in worship time. Teachers at Heritage integrate a biblical worldview into each lesson, pointing back to God’s Creation, Man’s Fall, Jesus’ Redemption, and our coming restoration.

In addition to their classroom learning, Heritage Christian Academy’s students also receive instruction in Physical Education, Chinese Language, Music, and Library.

Heritage Christian Academy is a special place where families are valued as God’s design. Parents partner with teachers to best understand the needs of their child.

I thank God and ask Him to continue to guide Christian families to Heritage Christian Academy.

Andrea Bakke, Director
Heritage Christian Academy