Library Resources

Check out the   e  x  p  a  n  d  i  n g   HCA  Library!


*Early Reader Section: (ER) 1,100+ picture books just for our youngest readers. Students, teachers and parents can look for great story books, science books, biographies and more.

*Easy Reader Section: (JF EASY) 700+ picture books just for beginning readers, featuring Stepping Stone and I Can Read books.

*Elementary Fiction Sections by Author and by Series: Students and teachers can now find thousands of great fiction books geared for 1st-5th graders shelved in their own area of the library (look for the yellow shelf strips).

*DVD and Videocassette Section: Check out a science video, Veggie Tales, Bible stories, family movies, Magic School Bus and more.

*Music CD’s: Check out classical, jazz, worship or instrumental selections.

*Expanded Spanish Section: All Spanish students will find a variety of book in various Spanish reading levels.

*Middle School (MS) / High School (HS) Fiction Collection: The HCA library offers thousands of fiction titles including traditional and modern classics, British literature, American Literature, older and newer titles and several series.

*Non-Fiction Books: For all ages, thousands of non-fiction books are shelved according to subject under the Dewey decimal system. There are great collections including Reference, numerous Bible versions (200’s), Sciences (500’s), Animals (590’s), Art (700’s), Shakespeare (820’s), Biographies (920’s), the Civil War (973) and much, much more.

*Parent Resource Section: Parents stop by and peruse helpful parenting resources from Dr. James Dobson and others.

*Inspirational Adult Fiction:  Find Francine Rivers, Beverly Lewis, Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti and other favorite authors. Parents can check out books on their child’s account.


Digital Card Catalogs! Digital Card Catalogs are installed on all student computers in the library and on each of the teachers’ computers. Teachers can now review books and library offerings right from their desks.