Library Guidelines

HCA Library Guidelines:

The library will generally be available for student use only when a library supervisor is present.

Students should follow these basic rules while using the library for study:
— QUIET STUDY ONLY, no group work.  If the library supervisor can hear a conversation, it is too loud, and you may be asked to leave the library.  Students whose library privileges are revoked for any reason will have them revoked for a minimum of TWO WEEKS.
— NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES, except water.
— All students entering or leaving the library are responsible for SIGNING “IN AND OUT”.

Students should always report to study hall/class for attendance and then ask permission before leaving for the library.  Students issued passes from study halls or classes should show their pass to the library supervisor as they arrive.  Library passes are for the library only…not other places such as another classroom, the computer lab, the hallway, the atrium, lockers, etc.

Exams should never leave the library. Pick up your exam at the Circulation Desk and return it to the Librarian when finished.

There are eight computer terminals designated for student use in the library and one teacher prep station (in addition to the Reference Desk) for staff use only.  The computer terminals are for school-related projects only and are networked to the Reference Desk printer.  Students should ask the Library Supervisor for any printouts they have sent to the printer.  Computers are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If additional students are waiting, students may be asked to limit their time. Classes that have reserved the library have priority on the computers.

The copy machine in the library is for student use for school-related projects only.  If a teacher asks students or teaching assistants to copy large quantities for classroom use, you may be given permission to use the large machine in the Secondary School Office.  Unless you have been given permission to use the office machine, please use the library copier.  Students are asked, on their honor, not to use the copier for personal use.  Let the Library Supervisor or the Secondary School Office know if paper supplies, toner or service are needed.

Library materials are available for circulation.
A cataloging system has been set up for checking out books from the library.
Students should not remove ANY books from the library without first checking them out.
Students may have up to ten books checked out at a time.
Books are checked out for two weeks.
Books whose due dates fall on non-school days will be due the next day school is in session.
Books may be renewed one time.
If a student has two overdue books, he may not check out any additional books until at least one book has been returned.
Any checked out books lost or missing at the end of the school year will be charged to the family account in the amount of the replacement cost of the book.