Instrumental Music

Heritage Christian Academy is blessed with faculty who serve our students, educating them as individuals according to their God-giftedness; this approach carries over very well into the area of utilizing individual students’ artistic talents and abilities to glorify God. Orchestra is offered to students in 3rd grade and above, with students’ standard experience including both lessons and group play, as well as regular performance opportunities. HCA’s Band program begins in fifth grade as students are given an opportunity to choose as instrument and be part elementary and middle school concert band. As students progress, the emphasis shifts to musicianship and their repertoires increase in difficulty in both instrumental areas. In middle and high school, students may choose to participate in Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Worship Leaders during Heritage’s weekly ENCOUNTER (Chapel) time.

High school musicians, whether they are vocalists or instrumentalists, will travel to a domestic location, performing and learning along the way during their semi-annual music trip.